Creativity and the nature of humanity

March 28, 2007 at 2:27 am

When we speak of art, more often than not, we are referring to the visual arts. But art has a much broader definition than merely referring to painting or sculpture. Music, painting, literature, dance, are some examples of creative activities that are commonly referred to as art. But what about computer generated images? Or landscaping?

Francis Schaeffer said, “The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.” If we are truly created in the image of God and as Christians we have His Spirit within us, we are not only new creations but we are creators by design.

What you think about art and it’s value in this world makes a difference. We have seen the arts decline rapidly in the past two centuries and it is time we renew our lives to God in every aspect and set free the creative Spirit He has placed within us, no longer putting ourselves in bondage to man-made rules and judgments concerning God’s greatest creation – creating us in His image.

Let us not be afraid to be creative, let us not put limits on the medium, the method or the mode in which art is created.

Creativity is part of our nature and being creative should be like breathing – without it we will die.

What will you do to restore the arts to a place that honors our Creator God and reflects him to a world looking for hope?


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