Kids – the ultimate unpredictability

April 16, 2007 at 5:21 pm

So, I have a teenager. There are so many wonderful things about her – she is beautiful, she loves God and wants to serve Him, she is smart, she is athletic, she is kind and empathetic, she loves to help people who are hurting, she is a great friend and usually a decent sister to her siblings.

And then there is this other side – the one most parents of teenagers talk about – rebellious, disrespectful, lazy, and so on.

Last night we saw this other side come out in full force – along with the raging hormones (I did mention she’s a girl).

As a follower of Jesus I often ask myself what Jesus would do in this situation and have a hard time answering that one since the gospel records do not portray Jesus in the role of a father – after all, he died when he was in his thirties!

OK, so my next plan is to ask what God would do. Throughout the scriptures we see God portrayed as a Father to the children of Israel, as the Father of Jesus, as our Father. Here is my general overview based upon my Biblical world view of what God would do.

1. God communicates His love and concern through provision, protection, and personal interactions with His children.

2. God communicates His standards for living – love God, love your neighbor (family relations are included in this).

3. God gives His children free will – choices.

4. God lovingly corrects His children when they make foolish choices.

5. God lovingly rewards His children when they make wise choices.

6. God lovingly restores His children when they repent of their foolish choices and return to Him.

7. God continues to love and care for His children even when they continue to make foolish choices – it’s His kindness that leads to repentance.

So, my husband and I have taken a few different parenting classes and the one we have found that fits the best with our world view is Love and Logic. We don’t have it all figured out and have the most trouble communicating empathy when our kids make foolish choices. This is where I need a Savior. When I remember that while I was still a sinner, while I was an enemy of God, Christ died for me. This is how God showed His love for me. How can I not show empathy when I need a savior as much as my kids do?

God, help me be a minister of grace and peace and love to my children so they will see You more clearly.


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