Holy Human Hybrid

April 18, 2007 at 4:38 pm

Today I am starting a new series of blogs. I am a sci-fi fan and find a common theme among many sci-fi shows – hybridization. In many scenarios we see aliens come to take over the earth, but our atmosphere is incompatible with their life form so they have to “take over” human bodies to exist – i.e the Body Snatchers. X Files had a common theme of some kind of infection transforming humans into some alien-human hybrid. And then there is one of my favorite series from the turn of the century (yes, that was only 7 years ago) Roswell. Four aliens and their “essence” are preserved and combined with human DNA and then incubated and born as human children. The Roswell story is one of the most complete and fun alien-human hybrid stories I’ve encountered.

As I’ve contemplated these hybrids, I have wondered if maybe we are some sort of hybrid – say, a holy-human hybrid? The Holy Spirit – a source that is other-worldly, invades our being and transforms us into a new creation. True, our DNA does not appear to be altered, but our spirit – our essence – is recreated and somehow united with our body and soul. Then the transformation begins from the inside out. Like the characters in Roswell, we walk around looking and sometimes acting like normal human beings, but inside we are different. In the Roswell story the alien bodies are fully human except their blood is different. This reminds me of the scriptures saying that the life of a creature is in the blood.

In this series I will explore the scriptures that talk about us as a new creation – being born again, changed, not of this world. I will look at the concepts of our citizenship, our nature before and after we are transformed and what it means to be citizens of the Kingdom of God.


Entry filed under: born again, holiness, human nature, spirit.

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