Neighborhood Mission Learning Today

April 21, 2007 at 6:15 pm

Today I am attending a gathering to learn about being missional in neighborhoods. The sub-text of the event is: Re-imagining Congregational Mission in Today’s Culture with Brian McLaren. Dr. Dwight Friesen introduced Brian reminding us of a shift in thinking. In our modern thinking we would appraoch the idea of finding our personal mission by first understanding the universal mission of God and making sure our personal mission fits within that context. Missional followers of Jesus are shifting their thinking to the idea that mission begins with the particular and then moves to the universal.

Brian shared some provocative stories of communities finding particular mission and making a difference in the world. Brian proposed the idea that we need to be and make disciples in authentic community for the good of the world, and a key component of discipleship is to care about our piece of the world. Brian offered many examples of followers of Jesus in some of the poorest nations of the world taking care of their piece of the world that brought hope and health to individuals and communities alike.

I was encouraged by Brian’s focus on being followers of Jesus and not just people with the label “Christian.” I believe we have seen far too many people claiming the name “Christian” without knowing how to follow Jesus or wanting to follow Jesus in a way that makes a difference in the world.


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