To blog, or not to blog….

June 11, 2007 at 9:32 pm

I am amazed at how tempting it is to just ignore blogging. Life – the kids, cleaning the bathroom, school, work, husband, sister, friends, dinner, dishes, scrapbooking, music, the dreaded laundry – oh, gotta go check the dryer – BRB.

I’m back.

Vacation planning, looking for misplaced papers, answering phone calls, praying for friends, cleaning up kitty barf, coffee with a friend, school choir concert, church planning meeting, shopping for shoes, rearranging furniture, ordering new carpet, remodeling the kitchen, reading books, watching TV, ballet, gymnastics, track, basketball, bike riding, swimming, oh yeah, showering, brushing teeth, dentist, doctor, counseling, creating the chore chart, answering email, checking myspace, joining m, sending email, looking for the best airfare deal, reading that interesting article on rethinking gender, commenting on blogs, updating the iPod, organizing purse junk…

And the list goes on…

And life goes on…

And here I am, blogging about not blogging. To me, this is the beauty of blogging – writing anything I want and the possibility that even one other person might read it. Not that what I think matters to many… In light of the universe my minuscule musings are insignificant. But yet, here they are. And I continue to blog. To log the randomness of my life. To contemplate aloud – or at least through the medium of the blog.

I am compelled to blog, to continue what I have started, to keep writing no matter what. I recently watched a good movie about writing and racial disrespect called Finding Forrester. I recommend it if you are a Sean Connery Fan. Sometimes I just need to start typing and the writing will come. Maybe later. Now back to the dreaded laundry…


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