Ode to Art

December 10, 2007 at 6:04 am

Where is art in the Christian heart,
Is there only faith or is science a part?
Why discrete spaces inside our being,
Why separate our ways of thinking and seeing?
God’s people have feared what art can do
Thinking a picture, a sculpture – taboo!
Some even will go so far as to say:
All your instruments, put them away!
Somehow we believed that reason is king
No more sensing, perceiving, or even feeling
Keep your feet on the ground, is said to the young man
Whose imagination is dying to give voice to his pain
In the realms of the unseen we find healing and hope
We find kindred spirits to help us cope
The Word made flesh still dwells among us
To create, restore, inspire and release us.
When the Spirit of God unites with a soul
We become free – our inner being made whole
But what of this freedom, is it only in our minds?
Or are we free to create and express the divine?
Christians imagination should fly beyond the stars
Says Francis Schaeffer when speaking of art.
From Austin, imagination’s not just make-believe
But the tool of understanding to help us receive
Truth that comes not by reason or argument
But by intuition and perceiving not logic or judgment.
Can we open our spirit, our body, our soul
And allow the Spirit of Jesus to make us whole –
Whole in our thinking of God and of art,
Whole in our acting like God’s people with heart.
Oh God, restore unto us all that You have given
May we think about art here on earth as in heaven.


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