Holiday Hostilities

December 24, 2007 at 10:33 pm

The holidays are supposed to be happy, but for many it’s a time of sorrow and strife. Unseen forces who seek to control this world have hijacked the holiday spirit and are turning it into a living hell for as many people as possible. Now is the time, not the only time, but a good time to remember the epic battle we are engaged in and to take up arms in the spiritual realm and fight for our loved ones.

Holiday Hostilities have begun and while we are tempted to focus on fun, the enemy schemes to ruin us all – one by one.

Heartache and strife – setting husband against wife, father against daughter, death against life.

We are aware of his schemes, he uses the same themes, dashing our hopes and destroying our dreams.

Some cower in fear, or pretend not to hear, the battle is raging, the battle is near.

Others rise to the fight, trusting God’s might, fighting to set things right, while others sleep in the light.

Arise, O sleeper, awake from the dead, take up your battle shield – forge on ahead.

Draw sword and knife, fight for your life, fight for your family, husband, children, parents, wife.

The battle is epic, the battle is real, the enemy is trying to kill, destroy and steal.

Let’s join together and raise our shields high, lets blow the horn, shout the battle cry.

All hands on deck, flash the red alert, danger, warning, someone may get hurt.

The enemy has weapons that cripple and maim, but greater is our God and His Holy Name.

Satan prowls like a lion, seeking to destroy every man, woman, girl and boy.

Jesus, we call you to come to our aid, help us not be afraid, we’re the people you have made.

For the sake of your name, you’ve taken all the blame, you’ve accepted our shame, we’ll never be the same.

Lead us to win, help us overcome sin, fill us within, we are your kin.


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