Did I miss my calling?

May 6, 2008 at 3:33 pm

This past week I had the amazingly fun time being in a play of Prince Caspian at my local church. We had about 1200 people come to see it over the 5 shows. I had a very small part, actually two small parts, but my favorite part was the part of the hag. I was the hag in one scene, with two lines. But, it was SO much fun – and lots of people told me I was a great hag. I’m not sure if that was a compliment…

Anyway, drama and theater have always been an interest of mine. My sister is a drama queen – she got her undergrad degree in theater and her master’s degree in education. She is a high school teacher, teaching Social Studies and Drama. Interestingly, she showed signs of her calling as a teacher and director from a very young age. She is three years older than me and taught me whatever she was learning in school when she came home from school almost every day. Playing school was our favorite game when we were young. We also lived near our cousins and whenever we would all get together at our grandparent’s, she would organize us into putting on a show for the adults – it was quite fun.

I took some drama classes when I was a kid and in high school, but never pursued theater in college. Since then, I have auditioned mostly for church plays and usually only cast as an extra. Until the last few years. Even though I have only been cast in small roles, I have gotten lots of positive comments. So, I wonder, did I miss my calling? Should I have been an actress? Is it too late?

Well, I get to act in KIDstuf next week – our weekly show at church where kids and parents come together, so the drama continues. Maybe I’ll audition for some community theater around here. One thing I’ve learned in my over forty years of life so far, it’s never too late.


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