From Sedentary to Ambulatory

September 5, 2008 at 12:29 pm

In the midst of my life, AKA mid-life, I have become far too sedentary. In an effort to reverse this trend I have started walking regularly. Not a stroll to the store or a walk to the bus stop, but power-walking that gets my blood pumping and my skin glistening. As my feet hit the pavement and propelled me forward into my walk of power this morning, my shins screamed in protest the first few blocks, crying out in fear and cramping up in agony. So, I talked to my legs and reminded them to relax – get into the rhythm, flex and release, no need to fear, this is good for us. The pain retreated and the rhythm set in, pressing on, striding ever forward toward the goal – just a few more blocks then we turned around and headed home. What sweet relief, as my heart rate increased and my glistening turned to a glow. I love walking. Why did I stop and become so sedentary? Why did I let my life become so deformed, settling in to a lifestyle distracted by running errands and tempted to sit and vegetate after a busy day? Now is the time for me to be re-formed. Reshaping not only my attitudes about how I spend my time, but my physical shape that has degenerated to a much rounder state than I prefer. I’m starting slow on this re-formation process – walking only 20 minutes to begin with, stretching and strengthening at other times. Now if I only had a device that could take these thoughts that I composed while walking and post them directly to my blog without taking the time to sit around and type it up. Then maybe I’d walk for hours…


Entry filed under: human nature.

God and the Feminine Spiritual Transformation and Chrysalis

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