Adventures in Churchland: Book Review

November 15, 2012 at 9:50 am

Elizabeth Chapin ~ ChapinChick

You can’t put Dan Kimball in a box. He is a true non-conformist. Sure, some might say his pompadour is evidence of some sort of conformity, but they would be wrong. Dan just doesn’t fit into anyone’s box. He loves Rockabilly, but he doesn’t fit the Rockabilly fan stereotype. He’s a Pastor, but he doesn’t fit the Pastor stereotype either! While Dan has wrestled with feeling like a misfit at times, his tendency to nonconformity has been an encouragement and inspiration to many. In his latest book, Adventures in Churchland, Dan recounts his early experiences with the Church, the pressure to conform to a Christian sub-culture that just didn’t fit with what he was reading in the Bible, and his subsequent wrestling over many years with what it means to be the Church Jesus envisions.

In Part One, Dan describes his entry into Churchland and his struggles with feeling…

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